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Joint Operation Eliminates 17 Al-Shabaab Members Near Welmaro Village.

Weel-Maarow: – Seventeen members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group were killed in a joint operation carried out by the National Army’s commandos, known as DANAB, and Jubaland regional forces. The operation took place near Welmaro village on Wednesday evening.

The individuals targeted in the operation were part of a group of recruited suicide bombers who had been trained in Anole, under the Bu’ale district. SNA officials confirmed to SONNA that the individuals targeted were mostly foreign, non-Somali members of Al-Shabaab.

The successful operation is part of ongoing efforts to combat the threat posed by Al-Shabaab in the region. The National Army and Jubaland regional forces remain committed to protecting the people of Somalia from the threat of terrorism.