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Civilian Plane Crashes at Aden Adde Airport, One Injured.

Aden Adde Airport, Mogadishu :-  A civilian plane operated by Halla Airlines crashed on the runway earlier today. The plane, identified as 60-AAD, was carrying only civilians at the time of the crash.

Minister of Transport and Aviation Fardowsa Osman Egal confirmed to Somali National News Agency (SONNA) that one person was injured in the accident, while all others were safely rescued. Emergency services were quick to respond and provided medical assistance to those in need.

According to the Minister, the cause of the crash was due to the front wheels falling off as soon as the plane landed. Authorities are investigating the incident to determine what may have led to this mechanical failure.

In related news, former Prime Ministers of Somalia were not on board the crashed plane. They arrived safely on a separate flight, identified as 60-AAB. The Prime Ministers were among several leaders invited to an inaugural meeting in Mogadishu tomorrow, chaired by the President of the Republic.