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Jiko Biogas and Green Energy Gas Sign a Strategic Partnership

Jiko Biogas, a leading biogas energy company in Somalia focused on mitigating climate change in Somalia by the construction and provision of variety of clean biogas projects, and Green Energy Gas, a leading green energy provider in Kenya announced today a strategic partnership with the aim of giving renewable and affordable energy to the people of Kenya and the rest of East African countries.

”Today marks the start of our journey as we align our efforts and embark on a journey towards providing access to affordable and clean fuels not only in Somalia but across East Africa”, Guled Ahmed, the CEO of Jiko Biogas said.

Jiko Biogas CEO added that the partnership between the two companies will scale up the effort of providing access to clean clean fuels and it will allow Jiko Biogas to share its innovations across East Africa.

The partnership aim is also to decrease the dependency of biomass as the only source of energy by commiting to sustainable energy source source to mitigate the impact of climate change

Founded 2002, Green Energy Gas has since been providing safe, sustainable and affordable gas solution to households and businesses in both Somalia and Kenya.

The company has also been working with community based organisations and co-operatives in order to ensure people in Kenya and Somalia consistent and affordable energy through investing bulk storage in both countries.

”Africa is the most vulnerable continent to the effects of climate change and with increasing urbanization and population growth , Africa must increase its use of s renewable and stainable energy sources to avoid further instability, enhance food security and stagnating economic growth,” said Guled Ahmed, Jiko Biogas CEO.