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Security Alert: Public Warning Regarding Suspicious Individuals.

The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has issued a critical security alert concerning two individuals suspected of affiliations with the extremist group Al-Shabaab.

The suspects, identified as Abdisatar Abdiqadir Isse and Ayanle Mohamed Ali, were recently discovered to have been engaging in covert activities on behalf of the group.

Formerly holding positions within the government security apparatus, Isse and Ali are believed to have exploited their roles to gather sensitive information and aid Al-Shabaab’s activities.

After NISA successfully detected their suspicious behavior and initiated an investigation, the individuals managed to evade capture and are currently on the run.

In light of this alarming development, the public is strongly urged to exercise caution and vigilance. If encountered, Abdisatar Abdiqadir Isse and Ayanle Mohamed Ali should not be approached under any circumstances.

Instead, citizens are advised to immediately report any sightings or information about these individuals to local law enforcement or NISA.

Your cooperation in this matter is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of our community. By remaining vigilant and promptly reporting any relevant information, we can collectively contribute to preventing potential threats and ensuring the well-being of our nation.

Remember, your assistance plays a vital role in safeguarding our society against those who seek to undermine our peace and stability.

Stay informed, stay alert, and help us maintain a secure environment for all.