17 May, 2024


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Somaliweyn media services is a leader in media and entertainment with businesses in radio, television networks, film, and TV entertainment, and uses its industry-leading operating scale and brands to create, package, and deliver high-quality content on a multi-platform basis.

The company was founded in 2002 by a team of professionals from diverse fields of study. It is a leading source of accurate, up-to-date, reliable, and unbiased information having a strong presence in the Capital Mogadishu, and the other Regional States. The stations employ the use of the Somali language as a medium of communication.

As a brand, we are committed to generating and creating content that will inform, educate and entertain our consumers across the different platforms, keeping in mind the changing needs and trends in the industry. In our journey, nothing matters more than the integrity, transparency, and balance in journalism that we have publicly committed ourselves to. Somaliweyn Media services journalism seeks to positively transform the society it serves, by influencing social, economic, and political progress.

The Station that has its headquarters in Mogadishu City-Somalia is officially registered with the National Communication Authority of Somalia (act 2017) and a member of the Somali National Media Council. In our endeavor to connect and inform the citizens on the effects and how to counter-terrorism.

The terrorist group, Alshabaab, raided our promises in 2016 and killed and injured some of our directors and staff. This negatively impacted our operations and efforts to enlighten the community.


Our Mission: Our mission is to create value for our stakeholders and positively influence society by providing media that informs, educates, and entertains.

Our Vision: Our vision is to be the leading media company for our audience, our clients, and our staff in Somalia and beyond.

Our Values:

  • Transparency and Responsibility
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • Drive for performance
  • Integrity and Trust

Our Objectives: Our key objectives, are fundamental to our business in delivering you world-class information through:

  • Delivering quality, reliable and firsthand information to our audience and viewers.
  • Being a leading media house for all sorts of advertisements and marketing to our clients
  • Creating awareness of the challenges facing the communities and the country at large.
  •  Supporting  the efforts by the  government, stakeholders, the private sector, and likeminded agencies to build the economy and fight vices that derail the economy

OUR AREAS OF COVERAGE: We have expertise across a whole range of skills and sets of disciplines. Our staff is experienced and are set up to understand the needs of our audience and deliver according to their expectations. Our areas coverage includes:

  • Political issues
  • Democracy and democratic space
  • Economic activities; fishing, farming, mining, and animal keeping among others
  • Health and social wellbeing
  • Creation of awareness
  • Marketing and advertisements