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Somaliland President banns citizens from taking part in Somalia’s Politics.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi has issued a presidential decree banning citizens from involvement in Somalia’s Politics.

The Presidential decree reads that every citizen who takes part in Somalia’s politics will be identified as a national “traitor”. The President said only government officials are eligible to take part in any Somalia-related politics and those who do not follow the order will be arraigned in court. The Presidential decree also stated that no one will get pardon unless he/she faces the court charges.

The President asked all relevant security agencies to implement the presidential decree and the decision of the two houses in order to keep and strengthen the sovereignty of Somaliland. This decree could frighten many Somalilanders who are now in Mogadishu and participating in the ongoing elections. On several occasions, Somaliland authorities clarified that Somalia’s politics has nothing to do with Somaliland and they make their own political decisions as well as transparent and credible elections since they withdrew unity with Somalia in 1991.